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Boringken is a multi-disciplinary music + film producer, performer, model, and videographer born and raised in Ozone Park, NY. 


After spending years casually capturing their friends and themselves using various art formats throughout highschool and early college, they decided to build from scratch the world they would like to see. 


Since Boringken turned 18 they’ve been using their experiences to create genre-shifting art within the fields of music and film. They are inspired by the universe + intensity, which is drawn from their own experiences and perspectives of the world.

A Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) alumni, Ken draws from unique textures, colors, mediums, and different subtleties and styles of telling stories to curate and craft their story the way they want it to be told. 


Since moving to Los Angeles, CA during the height of the pandemic, they’ve released their elementary EP ‘Music to Talk To’ which was created, expanded on, and engineered solely by them over the course of 2 years. Since then they’ve released numerous singles and sit upon an enormous vault of uniquely curated and sometimes strange sounds and video catalogues they cant wait to share with the world. 

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